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otkritieKhanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie launches in-house processing centre in lightning-fast speed

The 1 February 2015 saw Bank24.ru return to the Russian market as a ‘Business Online’ branch of Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie. The new business unit, which operates under ‘Tochka’ (‘Point’), launched its in-house processing centre in record time. The processing centre is based on proven solutions from Bank24.ru and is built on software from Compass Plus. Just three days after the transfer of the software products, the bank's employees, with remote support from Compass Plus specialists, installed and configured the software suite, which consists of TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Management System and TranzWare Card Factory. During this timeframe they also tested the interface with Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie’s new processing centre.

Boris Dyakonov, Senior Vice President at Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie and Director of Services for Entrepreneurs, said: "Three happy days... was all it took for the ‘Tochka’ team to turn this around. Such progress in IT can only be achieved with excellent, simple and understandable products from a well-known software vendor and professional team. Our wonderful partner, Compass Plus, has fully supported us. The key aspect is our amazing settlement service without offices, queues, and wasted time, and it will continue to do magic for its customers. Compass Plus and ‘Tochka’ know the right direction :)”

About Khanty-Mansiysk Bank Otkritie:

In November 2014, the Otkritie Group completed the reorganisation of its retail banking service: Otkritie Bank and Novosibirsk Municipal Bank merged with Khanty-Mansiysk Bank. After this reorganisation, the bank has become one the 15 largest Russian banks and was named Khanty-Mansiysk Otkritie Bank. The bank is part of Otkritie, the largest private financial group in Russia in terms of assets. The group focuses on providing banking services to private customers and small businesses.


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