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Cash PlaningAn advanced ATM cash management solution providing comprehensive analytical tools and a cost-effective response to competitive market demands

With an increase in ATM usage in recent years, financial institutions must address the management of cash funds in their ATM networks in order to capture greater efficiencies in revenue generation and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market. Sourcing an optimal cash management solution that can forecast cash usage to facilitate timely replenishment is essential.

TranzWare Cash Planning is an innovative product encompassing robust analytical tools that enables banks and ATM deployers to significantly cut costs associated with the idle cash in ATMs, and therefore promotes effective ATM cash management. TranzWare Cash Planning supplies complete up-to-date analytical information about the cash status in all of the ATMs in a network and also advises on the appropriate actions, timetables, etc. This information can be used to make justified decisions on amounts loaded into the ATMs and to find the right balance between the cash loading costs and expenses associated with idle cash in ATMs, in some cases leading to a 30% decrease in expenditure. One of the many beneficial features of TranzWare Cash Planning is its built-in subsystem that generates reports and plans tasks. This subsystem has adaptable parameters which can be configured according to the specific requirements of an ATM network owner, which are then considered during the recommendation process.

TranzWare Cash Planning makes it possible to determine optimum ATM replenishment times, amount of cash to be loaded and also the denomination and currency of the funds.

TranzWare Cash Planning is not restricted to cash optimisation of individual ATMs, but can take into account ATM clusters for maximum efficiency.


  • Monitoring of available cash in ATM network
  • Forecasting of optimal cash replenishment time, amounts, denominations and currency
  • Gathering of statistics to identify regular daily and weekly patterns in cash consumption speed variation
  • Built-in task scheduler (data loading, data processing, report generation, etc)
  • Notification service

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  • Significant reduction in ATM network operating costs and therefore improves overall network profitability
  • Allows to plan and optimise the work of cash carriers and cash vaults as the system recommends how much cash to take, location to visit and at what time
  • Cash management can be performed for individual ATMs and clusters of ATMs
  • Improvements in customer satisfaction

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