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Card FactoryAn advanced EMV-compliant card personalisation and issuing product that enables a secure, timely and cost-effective response to market demands

With ever more diverse card types available on the market, increasing volumes of card transactions and rising levels of fraudulent activity, a secure, effective and flexible card personalisation system is a necessity. In the rapidly changing market, where smartcard technology is well on the way to replacing mag-stripe cards and EMV technology is becoming standard, secure card personalisation and issuance is imperative to card lifecycle management.

TranzWare Card Factory is a refined card personalisation and issuance solution specifically designed to drive the costs of EMV card personalisation and issuance down, enabling card issuers to satisfy the demands of any market in a cost effective, efficient and secure way.

The product offers a staged approach to card personalisation and provides comprehensive support for the data preparation, card personalisation and issuing of EMV as well as magnetic stripe cards, all integrated into one expedient system. This staged approach to card personalisation and unlimited near-linear scalability allows TranzWare Card Factory to be efficiently deployed at small banks with a small scale issuance as well as at large personalisation bureaus, banks with extensive branch networks and independent organisations serving several banks practicing large-scale card personalisation and issuance.

The product supports three EMV card personalisation modes: manual, batch and mass issuance. The manual personalisation procedure is effective for the small-scale issuance of EMV cards (e.g. instant card issuance in the presence of a customer). The batch mode is better suited to the EMV card issuance that is performed on a flow basis and mass issuance mode allows automated processing of many jobs from several branches or financial institutions.


  • Personalisation of magnetic stripe cards (compliant with all major international payment systems), EMV cards (compliant with EMV, VSDC, M/Chip requirements) and virtual cards
  • PIN generation and/or uploading from an external system
  • PIN-envelope printing (single or batch mode)
  • Support of EMV applications, including contactless applications (Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass)
  • Personalisation of the most common EMV cards compatible with ISO 7816, Native (most common cards produced by Gemalto, Austria Card, Trueb AG, etc.), Global Platform and MULTOS
  • Support of MasterCard CAP, MasterCard AA4C solution, Visa DPA
  • Support of all common HSMs
  • Support of the most common personalisation equipment: embossers, card printers, PIN envelope printing, cards readers/writers
  • Multi-institution and multi-branch support

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • Combination of magnetic stripe and EMV card personalisation on one platform
  • Ability to begin issuance of magnetic stripe and EMV-compliant cards with a low level of investment
  • Remarkable cost-efficiency (a project with a few hundred cards can justify the cost)
  • Scalability (from hundreds to millions of cards)
  • Three modes of card personalisation: mass issuance, batch and manual personalisation, making the solution equally effective for small as well as large and extra-large scale card issuance
  • Advanced customisation capabilities adding significant flexibility and a competitive edge
  • Support for the popular makes of personalisation equipment, cards, HSMs supplied by all major manufacturers

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