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Card FactoryA feature-rich comprehensive banking solution providing the efficient operation and management of back office activities

Today, financial service providers find themselves operating in an extremely complex and competitive environment, where consumers are more educated, demanding and more prone to switching providers than ever before. To stay competitive, issuers, as well as acquirers, must offer a broad range of services that ensure availability, flexibility, security and provide exceptional customer service.

TranzWare CMS can deliver an extensive range of advantages to a financial institution of any size allowing them to deliver great benefits to their customers – merchants or cardholders and to succeed in this complex market. TranzWare CMS is a comprehensive scalable system delivering a variety of automated back office functions for issuers and acquirers alike. These fall into 3 broad areas:

  • Management of payment card issuance and circulation
  • Acquiring and merchant management
  • Personal and corporate account management.

In addition, TranzWare CMS incorporates a wide range of extra retail functions and aids the management of personal and retail sector accounts and payments. As such, TranzWare CMS is able to help a financial institution satisfy much more than just the payment needs of a customer, it is equipped with all the functionalities required to securely satisfy a customer’s saving and borrowing needs. The product offers support for a wide range of retail banking operations, multiple card products, account and payment types.


Instalment and loan schemes provide bank customers with an opportunity to purchase expensive goods and services through a pre-agreed payment plan. The current lifestyle of many consumers demands more flexible instalment credit and repayment schemes than ever before. The TranzWare CMS Instalments module provides a flexible initiation and repayment functionality along with various payment channels to accommodate customer requirements and to help expand the card business of a financial institution within the consumer finance sector.

Revolving Credit Card

Card-based consumer finance is an expanding area within the card industry, enabling considerable improvement to bottom lines. Innovative products, such as revolving credit cards, can not only boost profits but also help to widen customer bases. The TranzWare CMS Revolving Credit Card module offers effective credit card management, provides flexible and rich functionality, extends to accommodate corporate credit card functionality, reduces credit risk and increases income from active customers’ use of credit.

Additionally, with TranzWare CMS a financial institution not only gains access to a variety of built-in pre-defined financial schemes but also to development tools that enable the design of their own financial products or services whilst employing minimum amounts of resources.

TranzWare CMS v4.13 was successfully tested on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Quarter Rack with High Performance SAS Disks, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5, Oracle Database As a result it was confirmed that TranzWare CMS v 4.13 is ready to run on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2.



  • Full card lifecycle management
  • Payments and account management
  • Support of extensive range of cards, card products and accounts, including cards of all international payment networks and some domestic
  • Acquiring and merchant management
  • Revolving credit management and instalments module
  • Scoring and collections features
  • Flexible settlement functionality
  • Banking and retail loyalty programmes
  • Flexible commissioning, fee and interest calculation
  • Tools for building customer-tailored workflow
  • Full multi-currency and multi-lingual capability
  • Multi-institution support on a single platform
  • Advanced API

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section



  • Remarkable set of functionality with many features covering retail banking beyond payment cards
  • Extensive customisation capabilities making it suitable for a great variety of business needs and markets
  • Efficiency: ability to support up to 100 million customers on one application server node
  • Scalability: can incrementally ‘grow’ together with financial institution needs, thus, ensuring long-term ROI
  • Extensive integration options with various external systems



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Performance benchmark: IBM System z

Performance benchmark: IBM System p

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