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messaging-gateA message-oriented bi-directional dataflow product providing message ‘brokerage’ services.
Today, financial institutions run their card business on a number of core and supporting software modules and have to interface with multiple third-party systems, such as mobile service providers in the case of engaging in m-commerce. It is therefore important to have an efficient communication ‘messaging gate’ between these components and systems that is both efficient and highly integrated.

TranzWare Messaging Gate is a message-oriented engine designed to deliver various systems within a financial institution the flexibility to exchange messages in a dynamic way. In a sense, it is a message ‘brokerage’ system capable of processing multiple message streams flowing in a bi-directional manner and as such carrying notifications as well as enquiries.

TranzWare Messaging Gate offers an integrated gateway to telecommunication providers, interfaces with an unlimited number of mobile operators and encompasses protocol conversion facilities. Messaging Gate can easily integrate with all TranzWare core and auxiliary systems as well as third party message-oriented products and components.


  • Message (notifications and inquiries) routing
  • Multiple message format conversion
  • Protocol conversion
  • Message dispatch (single or batch mode)
  • Multiple message streams processing

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • One integrated message-gateway to various systems and components as well as to third party service providers
  • Interfaces to an unlimited number of mobile and Internet service providers
  • Secure communications

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