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TellerSellerA versatile product ensuring a reliable, hassle-free and quick service whether at a POS or bank branch, as well as straightforward ATM scenario and terminal host testing coupled with time and cost-effective certification procedures.

Today’s customers expect a quick, secure and straightfworward service from bank tellers and retailers. Whether it is a card purchase, balance enquiry, cash advance or merchandise return it is vital to live up to customer expectations. On the more technical side of POS terminal and ATM operations is the testing of terminal hosts and ATM scenarios, as well as achieving certification with payment systems. Although important, these processes can be resource consuming and therefore a system streamlining these operations could greatly conserve time and effort.

Whether at a bank branch, shop or over the phone, TranzWare Teller&Seller delivers a reliable, hassle-free and quick service that is paramount to today’s customers. As a practical PC-based ATM and POS terminal simulation engine with an extensive set of functions, this product can be used either at the point-of-sale or at the bank teller’s workstation. TranzWare Teller&Seller supports (or can simulate) many external devices connected to a PC, such as a PIN-pad, card reader, receipt printer and cash dispenser.

TranzWare Teller&Seller also enables cost-effective terminal host and ATM scenario testing within a significantly reduced timeframe. The product not only delivers convenience and reduces human error when testing terminal networks and undertaking certification procedures, but can also help to significantly cut back costs when carrying out these procedures. As a terminal testing product, both its modules support an extensive number of terminal functions (operations) and can emulate a wide range of events, such as ATM malfunctions.


  • Extensive set of transactions for teller/ATMs and POS terminals
  • Broad set of administrative transactions
  • Support for a wide range of external devices that can be connected to a PC
  • ATM scenario testing
  • Simulation facilities (e.g. malfunction simulation)

For the full set of features, please view the Collateral section


  • A large range of ATM/Teller and POS transactions ensuring efficient operation at teller workstations and POS
  • Significant time and cost savings as well as reduction in human error when testing ATM scenarios and terminal hosts and undertaking certification procedures
  • Reduction in expenses when equipping teller and operator workplaces

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